For my birthday I bought myself a LaCrosse WS2300 Weather Station to add to the Oregon Scientific Weather Display which has been telling us what it's like outside for a couple of years.

After a numbe rof years service this unit failed - I think it was the spiders in the rain guage and the fact it kept falling off the end of the conservatory.

I replaced it in 2014 with a Fine Offset system from Maplin after I had bought one of the same systems for the Raydon Hall Archery Club so they know how strong the wind is.

The Weather Station is not mounted in the best place for the wind speed and direction (I'm not that happy up ladders!) but the rest is fine.

The unit plugs into my NSLU2 which is a very small NAS box but which runs Debian Linux and reads data from the weather station every 10 minutes and then pushes it to WeatherUnderground using Jim Easterbrook's excellent pywws software

Weather Underground PWS ISUFFOLK31