Welcome to the People Page



Here we all are at some burial mound one holiday.

The Dad

I'm the one who does the web site - I'm a Software Solutions Designer by profession so I have to know about these things. Originally from Sheffield via Buckinghamshire (hence the strange accent) and then Suffolk

I enjoy gadgets (see the Weather Page), walking, reading, eating, sailing at Alton Water and "doing history"

I have recently taken up Archery and joined Raydon Hall Archery Club which has only hust started up but is growing fast with some very good archers.

The Mum

Primary School Teacher who is loverly - and that's all she's saying.

The Eldest

I love sailing, playing on my PC, horse riding, playing my clarinet and playing with Lego.

Sadly I still have to go to school but I'll get over it - eventually!

I love animals and own two guinea-pigs, some of a cocker spaniel and a neon-tetra fish.

I am also behind The Useless Stiles Site with my sister

The Youngest

Hi I'm the youngest of the family.

I am a bit crazy and wacky but I'm into computer games, making clay models,art and I'm absolutely MAD about CATS!!

I love trampolining and play netball.

I am also behind The Useless Stiles Site with my sister