Welcome to the Animals Page

We have a load of animals in the house and this is their page

Tabitha Cat

An Essex girl (you can tell by the white boots) who is a former model and here is one of her cards from Leonard Smith Publishing Ltd. She now just sleeps on someone's bed and is good at catching flies - mice and birds are a bit beyond her

Dyllan - Black Runer at Brimbeck

For The Mum's 40th Birthday The Dad finally relented after 22 years and got a dog. This is a Cocker Spanniel called Dyllan who was born on 24th June 2006 and is already ruling the roost.
We have a load of pictures in the Photo area and there is a whole web site about the Brimbeck Cockers

Tyke - Cardamine Rainbow Tyke at Brimbeck

Following close on Dyllan, the Mum decided he needs a friend. The Poopy arrived 11th March aged 8 weeks.